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Navigation College signed Tripartite Cooperation Agreement on ECDIS with TSM and JY SHIPPING SERVICES

Published time:2016-12-22 09:05:19       Browsing times:908       author:admin

The workshop “Navigator of the ECDIS times—Best Voyager was held by Shanghai Junyang Shipping Service Company Ltd. (JY SHIPPING SERVICES) in Shanghai on 9th Dec. Li Guangzheng, Deputy Dean (presiding) of Navigation College, was invited to attend this workshop.

During the workshop, they discussed the development of ECDIS, GAIS system and TGT system. At last, a tripartite cooperation agreement between our navigation college, Taihua Ship Management Limited (TSM) and JY SHIPPING SERVICES was signed. In accordance with the agreement, the three parties will build a special laboratory for ECDIS in our navigation college, which includes purchase of equipments, data updates, training instruction, and issuing of ECDIS training certificate, etc.