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Our College Holds a Seminar of Implementing “Training Program for Seafarers 2016”

Published time:2017-05-08 15:13:07       Browsing times:853       author:admin

On 28th of April, the college holds a seminar of implementing “Training Program for Seafarers 2016”, President Guanzheng Li, and the person in charge and part of teachers attended the meeting.

In the meeting, they studied <Training Program for Seafarers 2016> together; it contains the driving and communication training, basic safety and professional skill training, special training etc. of captain, chief officer, third officer (second officer), sailor on duty and GMDSS. According to the notification requirements, we will pool the wisdom and strength of all in the college, transfer the professional teachers to solve the problems, decompose the task, delegate responsibilities, start and promote with the mode of Project Operation; compare the new and the old training program, and analyze, therefore to form a evaluating regulation that can be implemented.