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Navigation College held the expert discussion meeting of 2017 edition of personnel training program

Published time:2017-05-08 21:42:40       Browsing times:910       author:admin

On April 6, Navigation College held the expert discussion of personnel training program in the meeting room. The meeting hosted by Professor Zhou Zhaoxin, head of the college teaching department. The expert members included the administrators of the maritime authority, the captains of the shipping company and the key teachers of college.

The managers in charge of each major respectively reported the situations of personnel training program of the navigation technology, the maritime management and the safety engineering(port and shipping direction). The experts provided many valuable suggestions from inspects of market demand, professional characteristics, the core curriculum, elective curriculum and students' practical ability. Based on the suggestions , each major will modify and improve the personnel training program, make it more scientific reasonable to achieve the objectives of the training applicable personnel.

This discussion meeting provides many useful references for setting up scientific personnel training program. It had vital significance to our college applicable personnel training and professional construction.

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