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Dream of Youth, Fly Your Dream” The First Navigational Theme Cultural Festival Successfully End

Published time:2017-08-07 15:08:01       Browsing times:106       author:admin

On 30th of July, the First Navigational Theme Cultural Festival is sponsored by the Social Science Division of Shandong and Youth Education institute of Science of Shandong. The term of this activity is on the subject of navigation; therefore, the students can enjoy the navigational cultures, experience collective life and accept education in patriotism by theoretical studies and practical experiences.

The official opening of the Cultural Festival is on 26th, the leaders of Navigation College and the representatives of the participators delivered speeches. They visit the simulation lab in the morning. In the afternoon, they went aboard on China’s marine patrol ship, and it helps the students to raise the awareness about the oceans.

On 27th, all the students attended the class of navigational cultures. Captain Yuntao Wang prepared the classes of navigational cultures and philosophy of life. They are very interested in the contents of the classes. They went to the Blue Valley of entrepreneurship, and they had the great interests in the navigational technology.

On 28th, all the students went to visit a few famous sceneries: Battleship Ting-yuen and Liugong Island. According to visit the places and museums on Liugong Island, they learnt more about the war history and felt closer to education in patriotism.

On 29th, the students studied how to canoe and row the boat, survival at sea and dive, which is the first time for them to control a boat. They could finish the ship voyage under the guidance of teacher. Finally they can do these things by themselves.

On 30th, they got the basic skills as to be a seaman, and they are interested in doing the skills.

Finally, they finished the 6-day navigational cultural Festival, and we achieved complete success. According to their practical experiences, they extended independent consciousness, improved self-quality and showed tenacious quality. It will be the most unforgettable navigational experiences. All the teachers and students hope that our university could be better and better.